By Melissa Trevizo

Whether you are looking to brush up your skills in Microsoft Word or looking to advance your Excel spreadsheet knowledge, the San Jacinto College Continuing Professional Development (CPD) one-day classes could be the right fit. 

The seven-hour, one-day courses are offered for Microsoft Access, Excel, Outlook, Power Point, Project, and Word at the basic and intermediate levels.  

“We see a lot of companies and organizations send their employees to us for training in the one-day classes,” said Jerelyn Hughes-Glenn, CPD director. “Industries all over our service area utilize our courses to help improve their employees’ computer literacy.”

The classes are paced to help students master each application in one day through instructor-led projects. 

“The instructors in this program will illustrate how to perform certain tasks, then immediately have the students repeat the task on their own using step-by-step instructions in their textbooks,” said Glenn. 

When the program began in 2009, the average student age skewed to a younger audience.

“Most of our one-day students are 45 and older now,” said Glenn. “These students are looking to improve their computing skills and become more digitally literate.”

In addition to the one-day classes, CPD also offers a slower-paced digital literacy program. This program teaches the very basics in three modules: computing fundamentals, key applications, and living online. Each module delves into facets of technology used in today’s business world. 

“Digital literacy is geared toward individuals who have little to no computer knowledge,” said Rosalyn Blakely, adjunct instructor for computer and IT training. “We start with the basic skills and work our way up.”

To learn more about the One Day Classes and Digital Literacy Program, visit
or call 281-542-2020.