By Melissa Trevizo

Technology is everywhere today, from the self-checkout at the grocery store to the phones we carry in our pockets. It can be intimidating, but the San Jacinto College Digital Literacy Program is here to help. 

“One of the things we tell our students in the first class is to not be afraid to make a mistake,” said Rosalyn Blakely, adjunct instructor for computer and IT training. “There’s nothing you can do that we can’t fix, and the instructors are always there to help.”

Blakely, a former NASA flight rule implementer and network administrator, has been teaching computer courses since 1999.

“We keep the class size small—anywhere from 8 to 12 students at a time,” Blakely said. “I enjoy seeing lightbulbs go off when students understand the concepts.”

The program is taught in three module: computing fundamentals, key applications, and living online. Each module delves into facets of the technology used in today’s business world. 

“These courses are geared towards individuals who have little to no computer knowledge,” Blakely said. “We are here for those who are unemployed, underemployed, or re-entering the workforce after a long hiatus. We start with the basic skills and work our way up.”

Digital literacy courses cover parts of a computer and hardware vs. software, business applications like Microsoft Word and Excel, the importance and use of mobile devices, and fundamentals of the internet and how to navigate online. 

“We even cover social media and how to use it properly,” said Blakely. “We are looking to equip individuals for the modern world.”

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